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    3.15. Religion

    For me, never pray, do not stand on his knees, not to worship idols, religious fathers and the fathers, the prophets and saints, no. Do not humiliate me – your Creator, myself – my incarnation! I created everything according to plan-way, completely in harmony, prosperity and justice. Do not litter the air – your same habitat destructive actions and thoughts, for the same air affects you and is a part of you. Negativity in the environment, the negative in you. Hence, all the sickness and suffering. There is no hell, no heaven, neither angels nor demons … everything is a product of your thoughts. I created all the best and perfect.

    When you stand on her knees and suffering, praying for his problems, repeating meaningless words an infinite number of times, I see only your heartfelt desires. Desire to kneel, to be humiliated, to suffer and to repeat the prayer requests. May it be so. May all your wishes come true.

    Who would you pray, no matter what spells and mantras you did not say, I fulfill your desires but I – your Creator. And I define your desires only by your actions.

    In order to appeal to the Creator does not need churches, synagogues, mosques, religious priests, dads, fathers, and the like. Remember that the Creator within you. Instead of meaningless prayer requests, better secluded from the bustle, turn off your filter perception, body, senses and mind. Stop. Consider your problem on the side detached and the devil is involved, as if the problem is not yours, and you are not you, and that I look – your Creator. After a while, you will understand why. Remove the cause, form a desired image, feel it and the problem will be solved. With practice you will be all the easier to find the cause and feel the image. As long as you have not learned to perfectly master this tool, go back again and again to the desired image of the target, and profit in it, enjoying the result.

    Remember that you have a creator, and that you have the right and freedom to create. Create better positive, beauty and harmony, for your work product is your habitat, you and your children. Environment forms the man, but the man is able to shape the environment.

    Do not worship anyone or “prophet” or “holy”, because all are equal, and each has a creator. How can I worship Me?

    I have created only the best of everything. I did never punished. Everything I have. How can I myself punish yourself? I just give everyone what he truly wants. Giving rise to a thought or deed, you radiate the information that affects you the same. You get all that spawn. I’m always glad to help you.

    I also do not forgive anybody. How can I forgive the sincere and strong desire, which is formed by an act or not to act? There is no forgiveness for what he did to you, because it is impossible to erase the information prescribed in the book of life. If you are sorry for what he had done, the only thing that remains to you, it’s our thoughts and actions to form another wish. Remember that you can generate desire, only while you are in school life in a material body.

    It is time for a new era, the era of knowledge. All ancient religions are hopelessly outdated. Information capable of obsolete over time, so it’s not relevant. How can you believe written stories, books, traditions and customs? By religions like a bad habit must be disposed of, must replace them, the truth and the knowledge, sanity and harmony.

    Have you ever wondered why there are so many denominations? This is all due to human filter worldview. I heard the Prophet bell, but do not know where he is. Some information conveyed correctly, and some distorted beyond recognition. Each “scripture” has gone through a lot of people, each of which makes its own distortions. Something somehow realized, and something needs to be explained and corrected. So do not believe anyone or anything. Especially do not believe “omniscient” gurus, sorcerers and prophets, as they say, of the true information, which is located you to them, and the rest they napletut gag you and all this with pleasure swallow. Refer to the source – the Creator. Creator path will lead you to the source of information.

    You may ask, what about the duality, equal opposites? If there is a Creator, then there is the Destroyer? Now I will explain. In general, I have the information, and information from the opposite is the lack of information. But the lack of information is also the information. I am a creator, because I created everything, but I’m Destroyer, because I destroyed the emptiness and quiet. Since man is like me, he can also destroy and create. Destroying one, you create another. This means that a person can be, according to you, God or the devil, and to create in his hell or paradise earth.

    No large and small explosions that create life, never was and never will. An explosion can only create a funnel, ruins and destruction.

    Universe – a living organism, the incarnation of the Creator, created the plan image. Just as the human body is created from a single cell division are others that gradually fill-up of the image as a matrix. The universe has a spirit, mind and body. Look at the starry sky. Emptiness? Your body is the same empty and it somehow manages to live.

    Planets, stars, galaxies, like you, are born, live and die, with the possibility of further improvement, in which, too, like you have the spirit, mind and body. They are superior to you in its development and maintaining harmony at their level, take care of you – developing the Creator particles. Sun, maintaining harmony and life in its solar system is part of the galaxy. As a man, it takes care of the Earth. Sun, along with other star systems, takes care of his galaxy.

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