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    3.14. Habits

    A habit – is the automation of recurring processes. The purpose of this automation – to avoid errors and save costs of energy used in the processing of information.

    The acquisition of a new habit or rejection of old habits requires energy, which is necessary to obtain an effective motivation.

    Laziness – feature low energy and human tone, and can also be a sign of developing the disease.

    Vote from the perspective of common sense habits, including the habit of stereotyping, as well as the habit of following the traditions and foundations. Do not forget about the usual daily routine, diet and so on. Your preferences may also be a habit, and therefore an unconscious choice.

    Find out the real reason for each of your habits. As a result of your habitual actions you have consequences that affect both the present and the distant future. Your habits affect you and your family, society and the whole environment. It would seem simple innocuous actions have consequences for the whole world.

    Once you realize the true cause and effect of every habit, decide how much they are harmless and correct.

    In order to have the desired result, live deliberately, with only the necessary, that is correct habits. Form new habits that will lead you and humanity as a whole to the desired result.

    Habit – sign imperfections and low level of awareness, showing well the corresponding level of development.

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