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    3.13. Daily regime

    Your quality of life depends on the mode of the day. Think carefully and plan your day of lifting before bedtime.

    Stand up, if possible, with the sunrise. Waking from sleep, you start a new life, new opportunities are opening up in front of you. If your body is functioning, you continue to live in this body. If does not work, then you wake up later in another embodiment, the other vital program.

    Waking from sleep, open your eyes and remember what you dreamed. Then smile and greet his incarnation of the Creator and a new day. Thank the Creator for the opportunity to live and to do good.
    So you tune in positivity and harmony with the environment.

    Awakened from sleep? Listen to yourself. All he wants your body – it’s water, movement and fresh air.

    Wash with cold water, it will help you wake up. Clean the nasal passages to make breathing easier. If necessary, scrape the upper teeth stagnant saliva from the tongue and rinse your mouth.

    Do not run once for breakfast. First you need to completely wake up and prepare to take food and the day ahead. To begin with, drink a glass of fresh water in small sips.

    Make your morning exercises. Prepare all of the muscles, ligaments and tendons to work. Now you can take a stroll in the fresh air. If conditions do not allow to go out, then run in place when open window will be not a bad alternative. Run a 5 to 20 minutes, can be longer but only for pleasure and without overexertion. Running need to cheer up and get rid of the blood well on all vessels and capillaries.

    Once you run a good warm up and will cover later, but do not run directly into the shower. Now is the time to take a deep stretch, do yoga, or Tai Chi. You can do strength training, developing muscles. Do not forget on the abdominal muscles and massage the internal organs of the abdominal movements.

    Cooled down and dried in itself Pot, go take a contrast to the shower, and then you can have breakfast, starting with a finer food, to more rough.

    The ordinary man has to eat normally 3-4 times a day.

    Breakfast. Food for brain. Not earlier than after a full awakening. To power the mind and lifting strength and tone, take carbohydrates, such as fruits, dried fruits, grains and vegetable oil.

    Dinner. Food for the body. Afternoon. To nourish the body, use the vegetables and protein products.

    Dinner. The food for the spirit. Early in the evening, that is, after 18 hours, but not later than 20 hours. For dinner exclude solid food, limited only by a thin and liquid food. Dinner – time spiritual practices, which start power of subtle energies.

    If you are in difficult climatic conditions, such as hot desert and freezing tundra, as well as intensive work, then divide the food receptions for another part, then you are your body is able to digest large amounts of food without harm to the body. In this case, you will not overeat, and you need fewer resources at a time for digestion.

    Between meals, you can eat only when necessary, but not earlier than the contents of the stomach is freed after the last meal.

    Immediately after the meal, or clean the teeth and use a toothpick or podsolonnoy rinsing fresh water. Maintain oral hygiene is necessary immediately after each meal. Do not leave leftovers write to decompose in the mouth until the evening.

    Retire After cleaning the teeth, crouch on the floor in Japanese (for knees and elongated foot). If it is difficult, then enclose the desired height cushion under your buttocks. If this is difficult, then sit down at the edge of a chair or stool, keeping your back straight. Completely relax your body and have a pleasant comfort. If you feel tension, and see and feel how tense relaxes the body portion. Sit in silence, listening to the pleasant feeling in the body for 2-5 minutes. Do not become distracted by the coming and going of thought.

    This activity creates a void in body and mind, which is a favorable condition for this filling voids useful information and energies. Teaches to control mental activity, focus and relax. It harmonizes perfectly.

    After meditating on the body, go to the bathroom even if you do not want. Teach your meal after each breath, breathe out.

    It is better to go to bed early in the morning to have time to do everything slowly. That’s right, slowly, starting the day, you will feel good all day.

    Since everything is a wave, a wave is a time, too, and has its own rhythms. As well as the wave has a period of ascent and descent, work, alternating activities, stress and relaxation. Time switching to another activity, you avoid over-voltage, improve the quality of work and extends the high performance. Do not overexert your body, as well as not allow the eye strain.

    Just use the spiking activity. The first peak of activity occurs about 12 hours, and the second approximately 18 hours. The first peak of toil for the common good, and the second peak to devote time to his spiritual perfection. Thus, every day you will build harmony with the environment and with himself. Although it is difficult to separate the general and the particular, since they are intertwined mutually enriching.

    Every day, in the morning after running, and in the evening take a contrast shower, alternating a pleasant warmth with pleasant coolness in the end. The water should be warm enough to expand the blood vessels, and cold enough to narrow the blood vessels and cause a surge of vitality in the body. The latter must be a cold shower. In the end, necessarily, include the coldest water and drench feet, rising to his knees, then his hands up to the elbows, and finishing with pouring neck and head.

    After an evening water treatment, preferably for 3-4 hours before bedtime, it is useful to put vegetable oils and nourishing mask.

    In the middle of the week take a warm nutrient bath, adding water, salt, clay, soda pack and decoctions of herbs. Each bath can be taken with some emphasis.

    At the end of each week go to the bath, on a massage opportunities. At the end of compulsory cold showers, swimming pool, or wiping the snow. Before and after the bath liquid drink.

    A day has 24 hours. 8 hours of labor. 8 hours to contemplate and communicate. 8 hours of sleep.

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