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    3.12. Communication

    Communication – is the exchange of information and energy. Communication feeds one of the subtle bodies of man. Full spiritual development and harmony are impossible alone. Communicate, have fun, and learn mutual understanding and harmony.

    Build spiritual centers, which can come to anyone and get advice, support, meet new people and chat, as well as fun.

    At the top of the spiritual center set the mark of the Creator, and the entrance sign of the Creator and the words “spiritual center”. In the lobby, place information boards telling about the heart, regulations and rules of the center visits. the center of the gate should be open daily from dawn to dusk. Do not forget the children, who can enjoy themselves in a separate room under the supervision of adults. Spiritual centers must serve the spiritual union of people, to teach them to communicate, harmony and peaceful coexistence.

    In the center of the building to be a large room where people can conduct a complete baptism. Synchronized collective baptism enhances makeup effect, harmonization and development.

    Since the Creator in every human being, there is nothing better than dialogue with the Creator himself. Communicate on health.

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