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    3.11. Epiphany

    Man, like all things, created by the Creator according to his plan, image and likeness. Each incarnation of the Creator has its own properties and qualities, as well as their freedom and responsibility.

    Since the Creator is all things, the Creator of the sign applies to all things.

    Baptize themselves, people who write, baptize all things. Proper baptism lays and maintains the necessary information. In short, the baptism – is, programming, configuring, and energy replenishment.

    Baptism harmonizes all things, adjusts to the unity, harmony and good. Water Baptism and the food, neutralizes negativity, activates the useful qualities, ready for mastering. human Baptism gives it vitality, harmonizes it with you and the environment, sets up its activities for the benefit of the world.

    Baptize need for the axes from the bottom up, from right to left with the given forward. Then rotate hourly arrows, counterclockwise, from the bottom up and forward. Baptized slowly, concentrate on what you are doing. Baptized with his hand any hand contact with the images just as you are in contact with the greeting of the Creator. Touch comes with your fingertips and palm images feels.

    Full baptized person.
    Touch the right shoulder and say: ” The Spirit of the Creator .” Spirit of the Creator – that your spirit. Configures the connection to your plan-image of the Creator. Create a plan image – imagine yourself healthy, strong and smiling with happiness and harmony.
    Touch the left shoulder and say: ” In my body .” It deploys a plan image of the Creator Spirit to implement in your body, which you need to take care of.
    Hand touch the lower abdomen and say, ” incarnated on Earth .” It emphasizes the connection with Mother Earth. The same is the relationship with the parents, which should be remembered and taken care of.
    Touch the forehead and say: ” Do good .” Tunes you to good deeds for the sake of your children, ancestors and descendants of the environment. The same is the relationship with the Heavenly Father – the sun.
    Hold his hand to his chest (you can close your eyes), mentally zakontaktiruyte with space behind you and say: ” From birth “. So you pick your program, concluded in a way you plan, at the birth of the Creator. Link to the past time. Behind you is the past time, your departed ancestors.
    From the chest stretch arm forward, palm out and say: ” And forever .” So you start to compile a program into effect, stressing the duration of its validity over time. Good deeds and your contribution will be forever. In other words, you will emphasize the long and righteous life in this body. Communication with the future tense. Are front and your future offspring.
    Turning his hand to her, feel your subtle body. Say: ” The earth help ” and feel your subtle body is rotated in a clockwise direction around the vertical axis of the body. Spinning, thin energy body is compacted and takes the correct form. Rotating the hour hands, it reinforces the passage through Earth Force (Earth’s gravity), using the rule right-hand rule.
    Now say: ” The sun help ” change the direction of rotation of the subtle body to the opposite, that is, counterclockwise. Thus, increasing the flow of the Sun forces (solar gravity) through your subtle body.
    Raskinte arms to the side and say, ” life force anyway .” At the same time he felt the rotation of your subtle body around the axis of the elongated hands and contact with the surface of your body from the crotch, on the back, over the head, chest and across the abdomen to the perineum, and so on.
    Uttering the phrase, focus on the prisoners in her way.

    When you cross another person or thing, all the same, just replace the phrase “In the body of thine.”

    Can be christened and abbreviated embodiment where four points are required, and 5 and 6, and 7 to 9 items may be omitted.

    Be sure to crisscross the newly born baby. Christen a newborn should his father, in the absence of a number of his mother, and if I had the mother is unable, then the person receiving the delivery. If the father is not christened their child at birth, he should do it as soon as possible. If your parents are not yet baptized in the manner described, ask them to do so, explaining all the details of christening. If your parents have not, imagine how they baptize you, hear their voice and feel the mark of the Creator.

    Baptized you need every day, waking from sleep and bedtime.

    Collective baptism should be carried out not less than 1 time per week and better on Sundays, preferably in the spiritual centers.

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