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    3.10. Alternative food

    The body communicates with the surroundings not only through traditional food.

    Besides the usual supply of food through the gastrointestinal tract, there is also an alternative food.

    You can eat through the skin, the eyes and ears and mouth and nose, as well as through the hands, feet, perineum.

    You need to learn and practice different ways of power.

    Alternative power sources – this earth, solar, space, mental and other energy.

    Since man is made up of several bodies, it is necessary to feed each of these bodies.

    1.Pustotoy. Lie down or sit in a comfortable chair. Close your eyes. Completely relax your whole body. Listen to the absolute silence, even if noise is present. Imagine that you are void. Established emptiness eliminates all anxiety and stress and fill your body with high-quality energy. Absolute emptiness – the perfect balance, balance and harmony. Being in a vacuum, it is impossible to experience a lack of strength and energy, as emptiness restores the perfect balance in everything.

    2.Cherez skin. The skin not only protects the body from external influences, but also perfectly communicates with the environment, feeding the body. Taking a warm bath, add salt, clay, soda, herbal teas and so on. You can take mud baths, as well as apply a hydrating mask. Useful once a week to do body massage with herbal oils. It is advisable to massage the person doing the opposite sex. Similarly skin must breathe freely, having direct contact with one of the embodiments Creator – air. If possible, stripping, allowing the body to breathe. Keep your skin clean.

    3.Vozduhom. Eating through the lungs when you take a deep entry, include all olfactory receptors. Sniffing, do not rush to exhale. The body has to have time to “chew” and “swallow” everything of value from the air, so the breath should be natural and unhurried. Often ventilate the room, and are in the fresh, clean air.

    4.Solnechnym light. Do not sit in the dark without the need to. Open the curtains and let the light in the window. On a sunny day, capturing the sun’s rays, you feed off of your body perfectly. If possible, take a sun bath, when the sun shines softly. Even in the shade there is a sufficient amount of reflected sunlight. According to illuminate dark rooms with natural sunlight using mirrors and even fiber.

    5.Zvukom. The rhythmic sounds and music are able to breathe energy into anyone. Dive into a pleasant, soft music and rhythmic sounds with loudness does not exceed 90 decibels. To live in peace and harmony with their neighbors use headphones. Listen to the forest, meadows, babbling brook, surf and so on. Silence, too, and the sound is very healing.

    6.Znakom Creator. Baptized, you need to repeat the sign of the Creator. Badge Creator consists of three axes and spheres. Man is created in the image and likeness of the Creator. This means that the mark is suitable to man, as to all the embodiments of the Creator. Skip the energy through your body along the coordinate axes and rotate the sphere in different directions. Carrying out exercises, focusing on the north face, you are synchronized with the energy flows of the Earth’s field.

    Picture 6 

Basic sign of the baptism of the Creator in the direction of the acting forces.” width=”300″ height=”300″ class=”size-medium wp-image-113″ srcset=

    Picture 6

    Basic sign of the baptism of the Creator in the direction of the acting forces.

    1.Vstante barefoot on the ground, lift arms far up (mentally before stretching arms clouds and body), palms to the sky. Feel your feet the ground and the sky, palms, thus establishing contact. Between heaven and earth there is always a potential difference. Closing the chain, you are able to pass through your body energy flow. Imagine how this energy passes sequentially through your whole body, from the palm to stop charging your body as a capacitor. First miss discharge from the sky to the ground, and then vice versa. Repeat several times.

    2.Vstante straight raskinte hand in hand, palms facing outward. Feel the energy of the stream included in the left hand, it passes through the body and out through his right hand. Then adjust the flow of movement in the opposite direction.

    3.Vstante straight raskinte hand in hand, palms facing forward. Feel the powerful movement of energy flow front through your body and back. Just soak your entire body counter stream, passing it through. You can help the mental representation of a strong squally wind almost blow you away. Then, without changing the position of the body and hands, and change the flow in the opposite direction. Repeat several times.
    Making full baptism, your subtle body will get bigger and stronger, and you will feel a surge of strength. Your subtle body probation is a sphere. Rotate it and learn to quality feel your subtle body, which eventually will reach a radius of 10 meters or more.

    Picture 7 <br/><br/>Full baptism mark of the Creator in the direction of acting forces.

    Picture 7

    Full baptism mark of the Creator in the direction of acting forces.

    1.Vstante straight, hands lower. Feel your fine spherical body. Rotate the subtle body around a vertical axis, first clockwise, then counterclockwise. Untwist the scope until you feel powerful and heavy traffic of the energy flow like a tornado. Uses centrifugal and centripetal forces, as well as the right-hand rule principle that attract the flow of energy, filling and nourishing your body. When rotating clockwise flow of energy rushes down, pulling you to the ground, while your body becomes heavy. When rotating counterclockwise, the flow of energy rushes up, pushing you out of the land. In this case, your body becomes light, weightless and almost levitating.

    2.Vstante straight raskinte hand in hand. Imagine that you have a wheel, the axis of which are your hands. Slowly walk straight, spinning wheel, as does the squirrel in a cage. Feel the edge of the scope of the leg is lifted back up, then forward and down again. Feel their entire sphere on its outer edge to its contact with the body, rotating around the axis of the hands. As the spokes of a wheel, connecting with the center of the sphere must slide on the body. When you go somewhere, or jogging, you can rotate the spherical subtle body. Hand position does not matter. Rotate the sphere can be on the treadmill and stand on the spot, as well as sitting. Contact with the body should be felt from the tailbone at the back, over the head, chest, and back through the abdomen to the groin. This exercise strengthens the natural circulation of energy on human meridians, improving health,

    Food is on energy-exchange of one embodiment of the Creator with the environment, that is, with his other incarnations.

    Since energy is the result of interaction information, i.e. a side effect, it is possible to clean food information. Power directly pure information is the most effective diet.

    When a person picks up an apple, he feels his hand, feeling its smell, color, eating, feeling its taste and density. In the process of digestion and assimilation, he collects information about apple micro-components. Next man collects information about the energy imprisoned in the apple and the information that Apple collected and recycled in order to survive in a particular region.

    Assume that on the table apple. A person can eat the apple and get the nutrients and energy contained in 1 apple. And in order to get enough of, say, a person needs 3 apples. It turns out that eating one apple, a man needs more in 2 apples, to be satisfied.

    But you can eat an information copy of the apple, but rather as many copies of the information as needed for saturation. Thus, 1 apple can feed the entire nation and feed up until the apple is edible.

    Eating right information, you do not even need to have an apple. Accordingly, you do not need to spend additional energy and various elements for digestion, assimilation of food, as well as cleansing the body of waste and outputting them to the outside. Moreover, you need far less product, and it is only just to adjust.

    When you are sophisticated enough that you will be available the book of life, you can learn to eat right information.

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