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    3.1. The Creator

    The Creator – is a reality. The reality – this is what we see and feel. In each embodiment, Creator, its own pieces of the reality.

    Reality of perception is defined boundaries – perception of each filter implementation.

    The Creator’s Way – the book of the laws and principles of the universe. But this book does not contain letters and pages. This book – a living fancies, or rather an infinite number of mental images, replacing and complementing each other. Displays only the fancies for which we are tuned, which observe and feel. At the same time can be observed more than one image.

    Everyone fancies contains all the information in space and time. Watching a separate image, we see the reality of a particular embodiment, its interaction in space and time. Watching reality, we are able to see the cause and effect, past, present and future.

    These mental images have an enormous information capacity. This book can not be read and then fully describe in words. Everyone fancies can only survive by getting experience and understanding.

    You want to see the Creator? Look in the mirror, look around and you will see my bodily incarnation. Look at the starry sky, and you will see the cells of my body.

    If you have carefully studied his dreams and dreams, you would notice that all the characters you have. So it is in reality, everything is you, that is, I – the Creator.

    I am not the Almighty, for all my incarnations are equal. How can I be greater than itself?

    I am not the Lord, for it is not dominant. How can I rule over itself?

    I have all things, everything manifested and unmanifested. I carry out the desire of each of its incarnations, for everything I have. How can I afford to refuse?

    I am The Creator. I create harmony and beauty, to maintain balance and harmony to my every incarnation was not impaired and could create the harmony and fulfill its mission.

    I am an example to follow their incarnations.

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