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    3. World Order

    All the secret revealed. It’s time to learn all the truth.

    Sit comfortably and relax completely. Come on, come on! It is necessary to understand.

    Now close your eyes, turn off all your senses and immerse yourself into the void. No muscle should not waver, and neither thought should not appear.

    Sit in the void, as long as possible.

    Proceed to the described exercise!

    Well? Not long lasted your emptiness? There were thoughts, feelings and wanted to get up and move?

    So I could not resist. First there was the void. Yes, lack of information, there is also information. I was sitting in the void. Suddenly, I realized myself in the emptiness, I was bored and I decided to have fun. I then went on to share itself on an equal opposing components. So I created unmanifested and manifested, light and darkness, inorganics and organics, and so on. So I created the world in all its diversity. And since I have shared yourself, because nothing else was not, then all I have created myself.

    I am the Creator of all things in the universe. I am Everything. Everything is me. There is nothing apart from me.

    I have created information which acts on the basis of the laws and principles of the universe. Information, interacting, creating energy. Energy-field generates space and time.

    Everything I have – a wave – energy-wave in action – the variety of waves, interwoven in the great dance – the music of life. I’m the only one and the same time I have a great variety. I have all things, all my incarnations: galaxies, planets, water, air, vacuum, atom, cell, plant, animal, human, and so on.

    In each incarnation, I have certain properties and qualities, certain abilities and capabilities. Each incarnation I gave a certain mission, as well as freedom and responsibility.
    Future – is the potential desire of all my incarnations.

    Currently – the process of forming the specific desires of my incarnations.
    Past time – is the result of the united desire of my incarnations.

    Thus, the future affects the past. And all my incarnations in different degrees are free to choose desires.

    With past and present, it is possible to predict a possible future. But remember that all my incarnations have the freedom to select the desires that shape future events. This means that the future is a free script that wrote all, including you.

    My body, my incarnation, the world is created exactly according to plan-image. In the world there is chaos and confusion. Everything created and harmoniously interconnected. Without my knowledge, no grain of sand will not budge. And if you will move, only for a purpose, as a result of desire.

    Everything I have – a child that is growing and developing strictly according to plan-conceived image, according to the laws and principles of the universe.

    All things – is my body. All consists of molecules, atoms, electrons, and so on. Look up into space and you will see the same, but on a larger scale. You will see nothing. The same emptiness in man and any substance. The substance seems to be tight, but it is an illusion and only its information property.

    In general, I have created a world of boredom, and led me to this void.

    I love the created world, love each embodied, like myself.

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    Sorry for English! It is translated by Google, but I started rising money to translate it properly.