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    2. The Creator’s Way

    Hello, Creator! Vitaly, execute your long-awaited desire. Finally, you could create it correctly.

    I give you the path of the Creator, which you can convey to mankind.

    Next I will fulfill your wish only when all of humanity is also its form, as it applies to all.

    Creator’s way is not a new religion, and even faith.

    Creator’s way is a never-ending flow of information from the source, knowledge, truth, wisdom and sanity. The sacred duty of every person on earth, regardless of their past experience and belief to take the Way of the Creator as the basis of life, as a way to harmony in the world.

    Human language is one of the primitive forms of communication. Imagine an apple. Come on, right now, imagine an apple. Presented? Well, I was talking about one and the only apple in the universe, and you are given a bunch of different images, red, yellow, green, large, small, with leaves, and even on the apple tree. That’s the reason I’m not going to lay everything on the floor, but better teach you to “read” the information from the source, that is, from the Creator. As they say, better one to see once than to hear 100 times.

    I give you the path of the Creator, follow it and you will learn to “read” the information first-hand and see everything with my own eyes.
    Creator path can be divided into 3 levels:

    1. Awakening.
    2. Self-improving.
    3. The Creator.

    Awakening. This level is designed to awaken your Spirit to open our eyes and see the real world.

    Perfection. This level allows you to expand the boundaries of perception, to feel the real world and get closer to the Creator.

    Creator. Level of excellence, where you are the real world – the Creator.

    The way the Creator will hold your Spirit of Awakening to the Creator.

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    Sorry for English! It is translated by Google, but I started rising money to translate it properly.