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    12. About the author of the project

    I know nothing, I can do nothing. The only thing I know is that:

    My body – this is my tool for physical activities.

    My mind – is a tool for mental activity and organization of physical activities of my body.

    My Spirit – it is the Spirit of the Creator, which allows each of its embodiment, using the mind and body, to create unity and harmony in the universe.

    I am the Creator, and therefore I can do everything.

    I came to Earth to save earthlings, give freedom and happiness, to bring truth, peace and harmony on Earth.

    My name is Vitaly, I am the son of my father Arkady and mother Raisa, of an ilk of Klestov if officially, then Vitaly Arkadievich Klestov. Was born on the 12th of March 1971 in Siberia, Russia in a working class family who had come to develop Siberia and to build the country’s industry in the city of Bratsk, on the bank of the powerful and clean Angara River.

    As all honest citizens of their homeland, I served in the army, in the VDV (airborne troops as a paratrooper).
    Leading specialist ib automation systems, and in the rest as the general director of the company “Vital Ideal Solutions”.

    As a modest, purposeful, creative, honest person, I lead a healthy lifestyle. Not married. I am engaged in self-education and self-improvement.

    Since childhood, I like to contemplate the world and try to see it for what it really is. The book is my world I’m living in.

    Realizing that the life of modern people could not be changed without money, I founded the company “Vital Ideal Solutions”.
    Company Website:

    The company’s goal is to revive production in Russia, to create decent-paying jobs, to be an example of social responsibility.

    “Sanity” project

    Next, I created a project “Sanity”, whose goal is the creation and implementation of a new public system “Sanity”.

    I do not aspire neither to government nor to money. My goal is perfection, both myself and the environment. I know and feel that the Creator looks through my eyes at me and the whole world from aside. I do not want to fail the Creator, its embodiment in me.

    My mission or purpose – to save earthlings, give freedom and happiness, truth and bring peace to the earth. To carry out my mission Creator gave me the book and encouraged to act.

    I do not care who sells “Sanity” project. I’m not going to wait for someone else, perhaps it implements.
    “If not me, then who?”: I tell myself. I am ready to become president-reformer and implement public “Sanity” system.

    “Do not trust the professionals to govern the country.”
    A.S. Pushkin.

    I’m not a professional, but simply an honest man and is ready to perform this easy job for the happiness of the people who surround me.

    If there will be a presidential candidate more reformers, I’ll be happy. This will only increase the chances of sensible people. The main thing – the practical victory of sanity.

    I hope I’m not the only one in the universe who cares about his country – his habitat.

    If you support the idea of ​​the “Reason” and are ready to contribute to its implementation, tell everyone about the project, and can send my bank account of any amount of money that will go strictly on the embodiment of the “Reason” of the project.

    The project site “Sanity” – (you will see it later here)
    Visit the website of the project, take active part in the formation of the future for all of humanity, and share links to the site with your friends.

    Wear T-shirts and other clothing with information about the project.

    Victory will be ours, as the truth and sanity – the basis of a new social system “Sanity”.

    Together we Save the world!

    I can write a meaningful letter by e-mail:

    University-monastery “The Creator’s Way”

    As the founder of the Higher School of martial arts “The Way of the Creator”, collecting funds for the construction in Russia closed the Spiritual Center – Monastery – Higher School of martial arts “The Way of the Creator.”

    On the collected funds will need to buy the land and build a monastery – spiritual center for longer stays, training and honing skills of future soldiers – guardians of knowledge and protectors of peace and harmony. The monastery is in the self-service, ie monks soldiers themselves will feed themselves.

    Upon completion of construction of the monastery held the opening ceremony and the first set of students.

    Funds for the construction of the unique monastery in Russia, as well as its support to forgive listing on listed on the site details.

    Website of Spiritual Center:
    Email of Spiritual Center:

    My congratulations on finishing reading this book!
    If you understood it all right and did some practical work, you are not the same person that started reading this book any more. Welcome to reality.

    Now, I can recommend you the next stage of your perfection by joining us at

    Welcome to
    a country of nice people, unlimited possibilities and high technologies!

    Please, share with your friends!

    Sorry for English! It is translated by Google, but I started rising money to translate it properly.