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    11. Epilogue

    The “Reason” is the aim, to tell the truth to people, in the hope that truth and sanity are in every house and people will finally be able to live in harmony.

    Who are against the new social system “Sanity”? “Parasites”, “goats” and “sheep”. “Parasites” – those who want to live the best of honest people, but at the expense of honest people. “Goats” – are those that are constantly all are not happy and do everything in defiance, that is eternal criticism. “Sheep” – who are not able to understand the essence and kept the old, as well as not able to change for the better and take a new one. “Goats” and “sheep” – is not wonderful animals that these qualities are not inherent, but the popular name of the categories of people.

    Those in favor of a new “Sanity” social system? Users are able to think sensibly, improve and create harmony.

    Paradise is not in heaven. Paradise should be built on the land.

    If you feel the truth in the project “Sanity” and want to live in a new social system, but not a citizen of Russia, you can support the project, such as money and information in their own country. Build a new social system in their country.

    After the first country to adopt a new social system based on common sense, the whole world will see how people can live on earth. All countries will begin to implement the new system and at home. The world will change for the better, there will be wars and borders. harmony, happiness and sanity will flourish. In the new global community will not be the center of dictating their conditions to the world, the power will be so far belong to the embodiments of the Creator – the Creator himself. A single Creator, that every man will rule the world by right, providing the overall harmony.

    And this is not a fairy tale. It is the task of mankind. This test is the Creator. The day will come when all people living in harmony of different nations will take advantage of their capabilities. Synchronously, at the appointed hour, summarizing the force to carry out actions that will save the world.

    For the sake of the survival of humanity on planet Earth, one of the first country will switch to the new social system, followed by other countries will follow. Becoming a single, global, harmonious body with a new worldview, mankind will be able to heal the Earth, and it is in response to preserve human life.

    The desire of all mankind on the planet Earth, is the sum of the desires of each person. I give to you the way in which humanity has long mutate into a virus that can remember its purpose and changed by returning the world to harmony. If you and this time you do not learn this important lesson I have to fulfill your collective desire and start over again.

    Wide shower in each of you, because each one of you the spirit of the Creator. You are all a single creator. And the Creator on the shoulder any task.

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