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    10. The global social system “Sanity”

    Each country, as a result of its activities, has formulated a wish, I will certainly fulfill. But one country has all earthly humanity, which is also their activity generates the desire of mankind.

    Earth from the inhabitants of the people is one, and one country can not fulfill the purpose of the whole of humanity – to create and preserve harmony in the world. Healthy Land – an opportunity of life on earth for its inhabitants. Earth – a living creature, just in need of its inhabitants, as well as the human body needs the beneficial microflora.

    The sacred duty of all mankind, to show common sense in the new social system in some countries, for the subsequent merger into a single global social system that can effectively carry out its purpose.

    The current trend of association of countries for economic reasons is unhealthy character and aims to subjugate the entire world insatiable slave owners, imposing its will, the rules and standards. As a result of such a merger, the advantageous only the powers that be affected whole nations. It is obvious that they spend a clever expansion of its interests, and does not take into account as a result of the interests of ordinary people.

    Merge many nations with its historical customs, in the form of religions, cultures and traditions, can only sanity. To do this, each person must stop, discard all the habits of perception of the world and become completely empty. Then move your center of attitude from egoistic and historically formed under the influence of acquired habits of the people, at the center of world perception of the Creator, at least at the level of the planet Earth. From this point to look at humanity, the Earth and see the truth. After that, a review of all the habits of attitude and begin to build a new self, a new humanity to fulfill its true purpose – harmony on Earth.

    It does not matter what country the first embody the principles of common sense in the new social system. But it is obvious that a country currently has the most sane people, and therefore the language of this country could become the official language of the entire world community. This language should study every nation and use it for official communication, education and work. In other cases, you can use a local, historically the language.

    Itself historically human language – a primitive means of communication. Words and letters have no value.

    The purpose of dialogue – to transmit live images containing feelings, and other multiple items that reflect the lived experience. These images eliminate dual and multiple interpretations. Language of communication – a direct reflection of his perception of the world media. Language spoken in the same forms the world media.
    Because at the moment this is not a full-fledged language, then there is no point in arguing about the official language of a new world community.

    Follow the path of the Creator, and perfect, and you will be able to communicate directly with the help of live images and at any distance.

    You have a two-dimensional map, includes all continents. The center of this map is the intersection of the center coordinates, let it be zero meridian, counting the world time. This one-world time to consider all the nations in international affairs, as well as matters covering a large area of ​​a country.

    The gradually growing global community with a new social system, should be a single modern army, subordinate to the unanimous decision of the member states meeting. This army should protect the borders of the new community of nations, deprived of common sense and, respectively, from which one can expect anything for the sole purpose of profit.

    After all of humanity will show common sense by adopting a new social system, the need for the army, as such, will disappear. There will be no army, there is no threat of extinction of all life on earth and the natural resources that belong to the land, not a man will not waste a huge army.

    Unification of mankind into a new world social “Sanity” system should only take place peacefully, and lean not on violence, but only on common sense. Communicate with people and help them to open their eyes and look at the world soberly and with full responsibility.

    Remember that people are all equal before the Creator, regardless of race, color, nationality or origin. Every person has the spirit of the Creator, who is looking through his eyes from the inside and outside at the same time for each person in his environment.

    In the new world of social “Sanity” system does not have the dictatorship of individuals, councils and party leaders. The world does not belong to someone specific, and the world belongs to the Creator, who is in every incarnation, whether human, animal, plant, water, or the planet Earth. Accordingly, mankind should rule the people themselves. And since everyone is difficult to gather in one place to solve the problems, the local elected representatives who do the will of the people.

    It instructs people that hired performers certain rights and obligations for which they are obliged to report to the people. Current Issues performers can decide for yourself how the most sensible people, elected by the people. A complex issues are addressed at public meetings, using common sense principles that exclude people disagree with the decisions of the people’s will executors.

    Nations must share their achievements for the common good of humanity and more in harmony with nature. In view of the absence of competition and malice in the new social system, such an exchange would be mutually beneficial.

    When humanity will unite into a new social system, showing common sense and a desire to serve the harmony in the world, will be available to new knowledge, skills and technologies that did not see humans in the history of the Earth’s existence.

    And until that day has not come, and, accordingly, the purpose of mankind is not satisfied, begin to work hard on themselves for the benefit of humanity and the planet Earth.

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