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    1. Introduction

    12 March 2013, I turned 42, on this day the Creator himself appeared to me.

    He was in my body and spoke in my voice. I clearly saw my face, eyes, whole body. He spoke in a voice, but at the same time he conveyed to me images saturated with color, sounds, smells, I literally felt them. Wide-eyed and mouth, I absorbed, reliving, a powerful information flow.

    I woke up at dawn. My first intention was: “I have to write a book and pass this important information to people.” I got up and began methodically to record what happened – contact with the Creator himself. It looks like my 42-year-old birthday Creator gave me enlightenment, at least I feel that way.

    I remember that there were strong emotions of admiration, I felt calm and harmony. I could have been mistaken somewhere and omitted something, but it seems that I conveyed the main thing. I still scoop information from these living images, and it seems that it will never end. But I have to pass it on to people. I can not wait.

    This book is simultaneously a philosophical treatise, a guide to the comprehensive development of man, a constitution, a criminal code, a large medical encyclopedia, and so on. That is, it covers all aspects of human life.

    Contact with the Creator has changed my life, I hope that the life of all mankind will also change.

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    Sorry for English! It is translated by Google, but I started rising money to translate it properly.