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    The Creator’s Way.
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    The Creatord's Way. Human Development System

    The Creatord’s Way. Human Development System

    The Creator’s Way is the system of human development, which offers development both for a person and an environment. The basis of this system is spiritual development with subsequent practical actions based on common sense/sanity.

    The Creator’s Way can be divided into 3 levels:

    1. Awakening
    2. Improvement
    3. Creator

    Awakening. This level is designed to awaken your Spirit, to open your eyes and see the real world.

    Perfection. This level allows you to expand the boundaries of perception, to feel the real world and get closer to the Creator.

    Creator. The level of perfection, where you are the real world – the Creator.

    The Creator’s Way will guide your Spirit from Awakening to the Creator.

    The Creator’s Way proposes the development of humanity from two sides:

    From the inside. The improvement of each person individually, who will serve as an example to follow by his behavior and actions, thereby forming a developed society.
    Project The Creator’s Way – the development of the individual through spiritual practices and sanity.

    Outside. Formation of the environment, which will form each person individually.
    PUBLIC HEALTH PROJECT – the formation of the environment through sanity.

    The project The Creator’s Way is a system for the development of an individual through spiritual practices and sanity.

    An individual improvement of each person, who will serve as an example to follow by his behavior and actions, thereby forming a developed society.

    Any person regardless of his age, gender, race, nationality, citizenship, or faith, can take The Creator’s Way.

    Reasonable rules that guide everyone who entered The Creator’s Way:

    • Read and understand in detail the essence of the system of human development “The Creator’s Way.”
    • Make an individual cultivation plan and follow it, making changes if necessary.
    • Constantly develop the ability to think sensibly.
    • Common sense must be followed by sound actions.
    • Be aware of every thought and deed, and be prepared to take responsibility for them and correct.
    • Be an example to follow. Behave yourself.
    • Promote The Creator’s Way in a delicate and unobtrusive manner.
    • Be tolerant of other people, their beliefs, thoughts and actions, because not everyone is aware of what he is doing.
    • Fully support all those who have entered The Creator’s Way and help them in life. They should feel that they are not alone, they are needed, and living along The Creator’s Way is cool and always fashionable.
    • Do good. Do good deeds, both in relation to yourself and to all people, animals, plants, all things.

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    Sorry for English! It is translated by Google, but I started working on improving it. Hope you will help me to translate it properly in comments below =)